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Hexagonal Box

When normal or traditional boxes just will not do, try our six sided hexagonal box. Honeycombed shaped packaging perfect for your unique products.

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How to order

Upload your file

Download the Dieline templates to apply your graphics and images. Attach your completed artwork by clicking on the “Upload you artwork” button, then Add to basket to complete your purchase.

Design online

Use our 3D Design studio to create your artwork and see your box in 3D!

Click on “Customize This Design” button above

Hexagonal Boxes​

The defining characteristic of these boxes is their hexagonal shape, with six equal sides. Among various packaging options, the hexagon design stands out as an eye-catching and captivating choice. A prominent feature is the six distinct corners, which lend a distinctive look. The boxes are constructed from high-quality cardboard, ensuring excellent strength and durability. A minimum order quantity of 25 units is required. The symmetric hexagonal shape lends an air of elegance and sophistication. Two lamination options are available: glossy for a shiny finish or matte for a smooth, understated look. 

Advantages of Hexagonal Boxes
If you’re looking to present a special gift or product, hexagonal packaging offers a stylish and unique solution. These boxes can elevate your brand’s image and attract customers with their distinctive appearance. Various dimensions are available to accommodate your specific needs. They are particularly well-suited for the confectionery industry, allowing you to package sweets and confections in a visually appealing manner, enhanced further by ribbons or other decorative elements. 

The Unbeatable Hexagon Box
When it comes to product packaging, cardboard boxes are a ubiquitous choice. These boxes come in various shapes and sizes, each serving different purposes. Hexagonal boxes are a unique variant, named for their six-sided shape. The size and depth can be customised based on the product dimensions and customer requirements. If you’re interested in ordering these boxes, look no further than BoxedEasy. 

Present Your Products with Hexagonal Boxes
Hexagonal boxes exude confidence and creativity! These artfully designed boxes are available in various sizes and finishes. Whether you aim to promote your brand or use them as product displays for advertising purposes, hexagonal boxes are up to the task. When used as display boxes, they’re sure to capture customers’ attention. And when used for shipping and delivery, recipients will be delighted to receive such a creatively packaged item, fostering goodwill towards your brand.

Ordering Hexagonal boxes from Boxed Easy

To place an order for custom Hexagonal boxes, simply select the size and options above and either design your own with our 3D design studio by clicking on the Customize this design button or download the box dieline template down below and upload this completed artwork at checkout. 

If you have any questions about our Hexagonal boxes or about placing your order, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support team, who will be happy to help.

3D designing

Ready to start creating? Choose your size and lamination style, then  customise or upload your own unique design. For the best quality print, make sure your images are clear, vibrant and have a high resolution. With our 3D design studio, you’ll be able to check your product boxes from every angle to make sure they’re just the way you want. When you’re finished, we’ll have your custom product boxes delivered to you ready to turn some heads.

Hexagonal Boxes size guide

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All of our product boxes are made with FSC certified paper stock and are widely recyclable

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Artwork Template Downloads

Hexagonal Box Templates


We have chosen the most popular sizes here to offer you. If you cannot find a size that suits your needs, please fill in the quote request form here:

We do!

We can offer the following:

  • Selective or Spot varnish: a transparent varnish that has a gloss effect.
  • Gold foil: a gold coating that is applied to the print to create a shiny metallic effect.
  • Silver foil: a silver coating that is applied to the print to create a shiny metallic effect.

Please send us a quote request by clicking here and we’ll get a price for you!

We only use industry standard Folding Box paper board for all our product and hanging boxes.

Normal processing time for printing and making of your boxes is 5 working days from confirmation of your artwork plus 2 days for delivery.